Thursday, January 5, 2012

Thank you!

I would like to thank you for helping me learn ASL. For so long I wanted to play ASL with my dad (he is a big old board game fan) but i really didn't understand how to play and the big rule book he game me didn't make it any better it just made me more confused but with your ASL primer videos i can now understand the basics of playing and now play such an awesome game i plan on watching the rest of your ASL videos to truly understand ASL so that i can play with the best of my ability and me and my dad can play at a tournament like he always wanted to. and i could also be there with him helping win or beating him lol :) but whatever it may be that i would do i could not have learned it at such a great level if it was not for your videos and i know i could just read the handbook or online reading but i don't want to fall asleep here :) so anyway thanks Joe for helping me out you just don't know what it means to me thank you and keep up the good work!



  1. Hello, Joe, I have been watching your vids for quite a while. You have really raised my interest in ASL. Do you still have the opinion as getting the newer ASLSK EP1, or ASLSK 1 first. I have considered buying the ASLRB and slowly going through the rules, then buying BV to get started.
    Thanks, Guy...hoping to find an ASL'er near Portland, ME.

  2. Honestly I'd just get the RB and BV... the game is not really that hard and 90% of the rules are exceptions and things that don't typically happen. Do you know anyone near you who plays? How about VASSAL or VASL? There are plenty of guys on there who love teaching the game. SK is fine and if you are a collector or want to start really slow it would be a great choice.