Thursday, January 12, 2012


Hello Mr.Steadman:

I've always been interested in WW2 and so I started to play Memoir'44 last year. It turns out that as much as I like it, I was starting to find it too dry for my taste. Therefore I bought Combat Commander by the end of last year, and although I find it interesting, I feel like I would like to be able to have more control and more choices. I know you are an ASL hardcore and you will probably recommend me to try it, but I feel like I would like to play other less challenging games before I go for SK's or full ASL.

So I started to watch your video reviews and checked for the Dice Tower ratings and it seems to be that you favorite WW2 tactical games are:

1.Full ASL 10
2.Conflict of Heroes 9.0
3.Lock n' Load 8.5
4.Combat Commander 8.0

I wonder if it will be ok to have all of those in my collection in the near future or maybe it will be redundant. I've only mentioned those because I'm only interested in series with a wide scope. Maybe I'm overlooking some other great series, please enlighten me.

Thank you in advance.

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  1. Hi,

    I need to update my rankings.... I'd put ASL as a 10 and CC as a 9.... the others as 7.

    Dude, just go for ASL..... it is not that hard and if you watch the videos and can find a local player to help it will completely fill all the things you want... you are in complete control and everything'everywhere WW2 is inlcuded. Remember about 90% of the rules are exceptions and things that MOST games will not use.