Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Origins and wargaming


Hats off to CABS.... I think they are doing and excellent job and I support them 100%.

I got in a good number of wargames (Fighting Formations, ASL, Combat Commander, and started a game of K44'). I also played a lot of designer games and a few coop games. Overall I had a blast.

I only have 1 suggestion and I am sure it has been brought up before. Lets put a call out for a couple hundred feet of rope and some old surplus cammo nets (as decor) and rope off the back 20% or so of the massive boardroom for wargames. You would still only need a boardroom badge (the book Origins book listed war-room badges but there were not made) to get in and it would simply be a place to help wargames find some solidarity and maybe a little quite. It would attract possible newbies to come check us out and give a place for Keven or whoever to put up a giant whiteboard with game matching etc... Mark can have an ASL corner, the monsters can be in another, you get the point.

I think our hobby needs some fresh blood and a sense of identity. This may help. I'd love to be part of helping with this but I am not a CABBIE and don't want to step on toes.

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