Tuesday, July 5, 2011


we've watched several of your web-casts on war games until recently we've mainly focused on non war games, but we recently decided to give it a try. we have three children my son is 15 my oldest is 22 and a daughter 10. I've gathered a list of potential games and myself,my wife, and daughter each have a different opinion on which to purchase. I hold your opinion in high regard and we all agree that your web-casts are the best. I hope this isn't too much trouble but with the cost of some of these games I didn't want to purchase two or three games only to find that they don't play as good as the rules read, I listed the titles of the games if you wouldn't mind could you rate them in you opinion from highest to lowest please? We're new to the war game material and really have an interest. thank you for your time

Here's the list
advanced tobruk system not sure with one yet any advice
Fighting formations Grossdeutschland Motorized Infantry Division
Lock 'n Load band heroes and bold action
Sergeants! On the Eastern Front the new edition
Tide of Iron: and the bear expansion
Tank on Tank
Panzer grenadier eastern front


Well, thanks for the words. From your list, to be honest, I'd not go with any of these but if you are set on one of these I'd only consider Fighting formations and Sergeants!. If you want a good tactical game I'd recommend three. These three are the three most played in my circles and at every convention I have been to in recent times.

1. ASL or ASLSK (the most advanced of the three but the best game)
2. Combat Commander (easy to play and really recreates the chaos of tactical war)
3. Conflict of Heroes. (best production quality and plays very wall with good depth)

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