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Hey Joe
Been watching your videos for some time and have enjoyed them immensely. I have increased my collection because you give great explanations and reviews. Just got a quick question. I am a middle school teacher that is trying to teach students board game design. I brought in some of my collection to help them decide on a theme, mechanics etc. The only thing I don't have in my collection is a simple hex and counter game to show the kids the elements of this mechanic/rules in war games. I watched your review of the Tide at Sunrise but several online game companies are out of this particular game. It seemed rather easy to learn and used the basic hex and counter system.

So, my question is there another simple war game out there like Tide at Sunrise that I could purchase to help my students learn. Nothing too complex though. I own Combat Commander, Conflict of Heroes but looking for something with limited counters, simple mechanics/rules...something that is easily taught to very bright middle school students.

Again, thanks for the great reviews and hope to hear from you soon.Looking forward to the "Here I Stand" review and explanation.....still trying to wrap my head around that 40 page rule book.

Warmest Regards
Bob Long


I can think of a lot of simple hex type games.... Try Sergeants in the Sand (cheap and simple), Richthofen's War (old WW1 airplane game), Battle for Germany (one of my favorites), or The Russian Front (another classic).

Hope that helps,


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