Thursday, December 16, 2010

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Hi guys!

This update includes information about new games we're adding to the P500 list, a new game from Hexasim, near-term shipping and charging details, as well as an update to our planned production schedule through August of 2011.

New Games Added to the P500 List

Please use the links provided below to get to the P500 page for these games, where you will find much more detailed information.

Roads to Moscow
This is Vance von Borries' second game in the East Front "Roads" series. It involves two operational games in one box utilizing the popular system he pioneered in Roads to Leningrad. For you guys who have been asking us for more operational level WWII games, here you go!

C & C Ancients Expansion #6: The Spartan Army
Richard Borg strikes again with another addition to the Commands & Colors Ancients line of games. This one gives you the Spartans, as well as twenty-six (!) new scenarios. Enjoy!

Dominant Species - 2nd Printing
This game, which sold out WAY sooner than we expected this fall, will NOT require a certain # of orders to be reprinted. We are reprinting it in any event. But we are adding it to our P500 list to a) help us generate some extra cash to pay for the print run, and b) give you guys who missed out on the first edition a chance to pick up the game at a nice P500 discount.

We anticipate that we will have the game in our warehouse in March, but will keep you guys updated on progress as production unfolds.

Hexasim's Marne 1918 Available for Sale Shortly

We have a shipment of Hexasim's reprint of their acclaimed Marne 1918 game expected to hit our docks this Friday or so. We'll have roughly 150 copies of the game available for sale as soon the shipment arrives, first come, first served. We're waiting until we have them in hand to add them to the website (to save the office ladies some paperwork), but look for this item to be added to our site by the weekend.

Interview with Tony Curtis by The Gaming Gang

One of the newest and most impressive online game review sites is The Gaming Gang. Their reviews are comprehensive, well thought out, and brought to you by a bunch of guys with a broad background and long history in the gaming world. Check them out; we think you'll enjoy them.

Recently, the guys at The Gaming Gang did an interview with our Tony Curtis. We thought it was really well done. Here's the link to it, in two parts. We hope you enjoy it!

Tony Curtis TGG Interview Part 1
Tony Curtis TGG Interview Part 2

That's all for this time, guys. From all of us here at GMT Games, please accept our best wishes to you and yours for a happy and healthy holiday season!

Enjoy the games!


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