Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Star Trek Clix

WizKids has won the license to produce a line of Star Trek clix miniatures games. Apparently there will be two different games, although both will use some variation of the patented clix system.

One will be a star ship combat game with pre-painted miniatures. The other is billed as a "euro-style character-driven game. The announcement does not indicate whether these will be "collectible" games or simple expandable games, a fact that will play a big role in my interest.

The clix mechanic is not necessarily linked to the collectible marketing scheme, so I hope they avoid going down that road. I won't get involved in another collectible game. It would be nice to ave a good and accessible starship combat game and the clix mechanic has potential.

The character-driven game is a much harder sell for me and I doubt I'll get into it even if it's not a collectible.

From Pawnderings

I personally look forward to it and will buy the ships for Star Fleet Battles.

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