Wednesday, June 16, 2010

EMAIL: novice war gamer

I been watching your videos and they have made me now very interested in War games , I would like to know what is a good intro to war gameing I want to solo it and play it with another person also , if you could give me a list of 5 games I would love that thanks sebastian

Thanks for the email. My top 5 war games that can be played solo OR two player:

ASL: Can be played as ASL or as Solo ASL.. just buy the solo module.

A Victory Lost: Chit pulling makes this and VD great solo games.

Combat Commander: Europe: the cards make the game so random that you can pull off solo-play, just block out what the hand has and make your best move each turn.

Bitter Woods: This game works well solo, there's a lot to think about to find the best play for each side, so I end up taking advantages of my own mistakes. I also love this as a 2 player game.

I really like Battle For Germany as my last pick. Look it up and you will see that it is an odd game and fun to play.


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