Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Hi Joe,

I confess I"m usually a eurogamer, but after a friend persuaded me to try a block war game, I gave Quebec 1759 a spin with my son, and just loved it! So I posted a comprehensive pictorial review of the game, to hopefully help promote it! As usual, I tried to include some relevant quotations from other fans, and your comment was particularly articulate and useful, so I included it in my review (with credit) - just letting you know out of courtesy, and I hope that some mutual enthusiasm will be good for the game and help others discover the fun that can be enjoyed with it!

Here's a link to my review:
[b]So you're wondering about your first ever block war game: A comprehensive pictorial overview of a time-tested classic that even eurogamers can enjoy[/b]

Best regards and happy gaming,

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