Monday, June 8, 2009

Point to Point # 39

Just listened to Point to Point #39...

here are my thoughts: blow by blow as I listen.

OK, everyone is busy...enough with the excuses, if I can't use them neither can you. :)

PoG... well designed game but I just don't get into the theme. Too much going on for a CDG for me. While not as scripted as B2B I just don't like it. The Allies are very hard to handle in the West. I've never seen a Central player go hard at the West. Then again, I don't play this game a lot. I also sold this game off. Sorry guys you spent too much time on this game.

WW: I sold mine off. enough said. It got old to me.

Titan w/ Moritz... watch out he cheats! lol, never played it. Silly Kraut!

War at Sea: fun classic, make sure to play it the right way.

PDS... never played it but Worthington Games is a great little company. Columbia's Three rounds battles are a bit gamey.. I prefer battling until someone breaks. Knowing the battle will end after round three has made some doing some crazy tactics. Give them a call.

CC:A.... I am trading mine off.. want it?

I am a listener! Keep it up.

BKN! Oh-yea, didn't you kick my butt in this once? I need to another get into another game.

Diplomacy: I am a DIP-ADDICT! Where are you playing at? I am currently playing a game at Dip2000 as an Austrian... 1901 still with three week turns. I really want to play a face to face game so bad! The blame game... ya so? I love the blame game. Dip hangover... equals a massive headache for me.

You played Catan at a con! Yuck! wow, the respect level dropped a little.

Prez Con: Never been, VA is so far away. One day.. maybe.

Nappy Wars... Not a big fan.

I enjoy play-testing.... but I normally play test games that are already in production. LoL

Your method of learning games reminds me of Tom and I in Korea... Tom teaches us, we beat Tom...

Worthington WW2 game! Cool, sign me up.

Sci Fi games... not much out there for serious gamers other then SFB. Don't mes with the light, just push them right in. Use a smaller battle. Buy the micromachine Trek models off of ebay.

I don't like fantasy to much...kid stuff. :-)

WW2 is where it is at. Sorry, I am not with you on the fringe themes. 75% of all I own is WW2. European is best, being more specific... Bulge, DDay, Stalingrad...

Moritz... going through Turkey! What a nut!

BGG rankings are screwed up.

Looking forward to the next one.

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