Wednesday, June 10, 2009

From an old BGG question sent to me

Hey Joe, I don't like "random" king making. But if a player has created an enemy out of me in the game, then I don't mind handicapping them a bit. I also play play to win however, to me, fun is more important than that.

There is nothing random about King-making when I King-make. I go for who ever ticked me off the most or who is winning (especially if they have won more then one game that night).

You see, that is why Euro’s need player elimination…. So jerks like me can’t screw with those in contention when I have no real chance of winning.

King-making keeps me engaged in an otherwise boring game. Who cares about being 4th rather then 5th? That is such a wussy argument.

Ya-ya-ya, everyone is a winner, “little Billy here is you “participation” ribbon”. We are not kids playing Candyland, I am in to win and I expect that you are in for the same. If I want a social event I’ll play a party game or go roast some smores and sing Kumbaya.

I love meta-gaming and king-making they go hand in hand like Rosie and pair of cement shoes. The problem is when players start taking it serious and personal… that is when I back off and realize… “Ok, I need to find a different gaming group”.

Common people, it is just a silly little, pasted on theme, random, eurogame… who cares If I take the Builder for no legitimate reason and you wanted him to make your grand-master plan work. I love doing that!

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