Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Top 3 Bulge games.

I’d rate the best Bulge games as follows: (picked in order of complexity and I picked what I thought was the best for each level)

WR2: for simulation value can’t be beat. A map to die for and about a million counters and page rule book. If I had a few free weeks and a place to play it I’d be in grognard heaven. Simulating the entire battle on Battalion level! The Artty and supply rules are what makes the game hard but are worth it.

Ardennes 44: Best game to play solitaire of need be as well. The rules are tight but a bit much for a lot of casual wargamers. Once you know them the game flows well and really recreates a feeling of pressure and tenseness the commanders must have felt on a larger scale. Problem is that it is a high-water game. There is no way to play the American counter offensive.

Bitter Woods: Pretty and simple. It is a very nice game with amazing counters and art. Make sure to use all the optional rules otherwise in my opinion the Germans don’t really a hope in He-“double hockey sticks” of pulling off their victory conditions. The rules are simple but there are a lot of little rules and exceptions to remember. This game also incorporates the American counter attack. This is the first game I’d buy off this list if I had none of them.

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