Thursday, November 14, 2013

November 14, 2013
MMP November Update
Hello from MMP! 

Things are moving along at MMP HQ as we head into the holidays, but we wanted to drop you guys a quick status report.

But first, please don't forget our highly anticipated, usually well received, "Black Friday Sale" held online the weekend after Thanksgiving (8 A.M. EST, Friday, November 29th through 8 A.M. EST, Saturday, November 30th). Lots of goodies to be had at amazing prices as we clear out our warehouse a bit and pay some bills before Winter Offensive. No details on what, but rumor has it Santa may just enjoy being alone this holiday season.

Secondly, details are rock solid for our 23rd Winter Offensive held January 16th - 19th in Bowie, Maryland. Come on out for a solid weekend of ASL and other MMP games and support the World War Two Foundation. You can preregister on our site.

And on with the status...

Lincoln's War
Lincoln's War is now shipping! Our first Kickstarter project had a few bumps along the road, but within days our obligations will be complete and we're going to consider it a success! If you pledged support, your game(s) and goodies will be shipped out first, followed by any retailers who preordered. Following those shipments, Lincoln's War will be available on our website and from your friendly local game store.

Between Lincoln's War and shipping our Pre-Black Friday sales we will probably be well into December and working full speed on our Winter Offensive releases, hopefully headlined by...
Decision at Elst
The first Historical Module for the ASL Starter Kit is now available for preorder on the MMP website. This self-contained historical study depicts the British 214th Brigade's advance toward Arnhem through the Dutch town of Elst during Operation MARKET-GARDEN. The British must fight their way through village and polder defended by the German Kampfgruppe Knaust. This area of Betuwe, also known as "the Island," was the furthest advance of XXX Corps before the official end of the MARKET-GARDEN offensive on 25 September 1944.

Everything needed to play Decision at Elst is contained in the box! There is no need to buy or own any other ASL Starter Kit titles.
Product and Pipeline Update
At Winter Offensive we plan to have a new Winter Offensive Bonus Pack with a geomorphic map and two scenarios, the proceeds from which support the World War Two Foundation. We also plan on having Action Pack 9 at Winter Offensive as well. This is our third AP with the geomorphic "wide" maps. They look fantastic, and Gary Fortenberry has done a good job whipping up scenarios for them. Looking them over I bet they'll see a lot of play at Winter Offensive.

Our tentative schedule around/after Winter Offensive looks like this...

Last Chance for Victory - the monster game on Gettysburg using the Line of Battle system
Reluctant Enemies - an Operational Combat Series (OCS) "starter game"
Storm over Dien Bien Phu - a card-assisted area-move game on the famous siege (Brian Youse's favorite area-move game)

Preorder now, while you can! Save yourself some money and get your games faster!

We have been filling in our slow periods by getting a few out of print items back into print.  

ASL Winter Offensive Bonus Pack 2010 and Action Pack 5: East Front were both recently reprinted and are now available on the MMP website.
Are you still reading this? Good! The 25th person to send Brian ( an email after 12 noon EST on November 15th with the subject "I AM STILL READING THIS!!!" gets a free game shipped to them! We will literally just count the emails in the order they are received starting at 1200 hours, East Coast USA time!!! and #25 wins. We will post the winner on Just want to keep you guys on your toes and make sure you're paying attention.
GCACW Support
For years, the Great Campaigns of the American Civil War series of games has delivered beautiful maps, solid game play and an overall enjoyable experience. Ed Beach has continued to provide outstanding support for this tremendous line of games in our catalog. It's only natural that we should provide easy access to the resources Ed has compiled and carefully maintained.  Look for the latest errata, new scenarios, campaign games and links to historical resources under the support menu on the MMP website! 
As always, if you have any questions please feel free to drop us a line at and we will try our best to answer your questions.

See you at Winter Offensive 2014, January 16th - 19th, 2014, Bowie Maryland!


Brian, Perry, and the crew at MMP

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