Friday, October 18, 2013


Hi Joe
      Saw your post about ASL C&C on the CSW forum. I've been playing ASL solo for a few years. Actually your videos on the SK expansion pack and all the rules got me going on the game. So that would be my start date. I'd like to thank you for taking the time to do those videos. They were very helpful. They actually made the difference in me purchasing the BV module and getting into full ASL.
     I've been playing games for 50 years. Although I'm former Navy, I actually play more of the land warfare variety. I've played Gamers TCS, Avalanche Press Pz Grenadier platoon level tactical games. Many types of games at a higher formational level. I haven't played any other type of squad level game other than ASL. I tried the old SL out 20 years ago and gave up. No Steadman videos available back then.
     I think that the best C&C model is the orders based system of TCS. I think that you are probably familiar with the system. I actually tried to use it with my first BV scenarios. I would try to set up defenses and offenses using platoon, company organizations, defensive sectors, offensive objectives, etc. I would try to use the a,b,c counters to represent first platoon, A Co for example. It would always breakdown about 3 or 4 turns into the game, once HS casualties and ELR started to take effect. The officers, and NCO's in each scenario really never matched up to any type of realistic organizations. It is kind of assumed that some squads, platoons in my games had implicit zero type leaders. That is no real effect on the game.
      Bottom line I just gave up on my project. Tracking those little a,b, c's just got really cumbersome. What to do with the officer counters that were assigned to one platoon or company and were needed by other units became problematic. In addition, most scenarios don't have a number of squads that readily can be organized in realistic platoons, cos, etc.
      I just don't think that you can square ASL with what most people would consider as realistic C&C and organization. I really enjoy the game and will continue to play it. I guess that I just need to recognize its limitations. I also enjoy the TCS stuff. Heck the PG stuff has its merits. Its like TCS lite with geomorphic maps. And the TCS C&C rules can be made to work with it.
      Sorry to get long winded about this. Always enjoy your input on the boards and thanks again for the videos. I might give the C&C stuff another go at some future time. I'm just out of ideas at the moment. Heck, I just wish that MMP would reprint Yanks so I can play some US Army based scenarios.
     Take care  

Ben Ouzts

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