Sunday, March 24, 2013

Wargame company customer service

I wrote this email to Columbia Games:

HI, Big fan. We have got around to opening our new copy of RitD and sadly the stickers are about 50% dried up and unusable. We picked this up a few years ago at your both at Origins and was still in shrink. Would it be possible to get a new sticker sheet? Also, are rules 1.0 the current set?
Joe Steadman

 Got this response the next day:

 Hi Joe, I am sending you a sheet of new Rommel in the Desert labels and a copy of the latest rules. Cheers,

 Good job Columbia!


  1. Readers here may be interested to know about Napoleon, a strategy game for two or three players that simulates the Waterloo Campaign.

    The time is June 15th, 1815.  A French army commanded by the great Napoléon is ready to invade the Southern Nederlands (now Belgium) where two Allied armies, one Anglo-Dutch led by the Duke of Wellington, and one Prussian led by Marshal Blücher are gathering strength to invade France.  The French are concentrated and have the early advantage, but the Allies, if they can unite, are stronger.

    The 200th anniversary of Waterloo occurs in June 2015 and the time has come to produce a new 4th edition of this great game. It's going to be something very special; reserve your copy today.

    Vive l'empereur

  2. Great to hear about good service. This has been usually what I have experienced in the wargame community. BTW, how is the game (RitD). I haven't played it.
    Tony Hicks

  3. I too had 'dried up' set of stickers but just used glue to put them on. Good to here Columbia has good customer service though.