Monday, June 4, 2012


Hey Joe. Retired NYPD guy here. Saw your ASL vid. I Was a big fan of avalon Hill when I was a kid and would play waterloo with my uncle every holiday. I started to feel a bit nostalgic about it and started lookin up the games and such. So AH is gone now I found out. I came across GMT games and a lot of others. Then The ASL starter kits. Anyway ended up getting kit 1 , 2 and 3. Also the Rulebook and Beyond Valor. (Seems like that's really all you can get because yanks is not printed and if you dont have yanks you cant move further up the asl ladder?? Is that right?) Anyway now was lookin to start playin. Any suggestions? Im in Upstate NY ( 2 miles from West Point) Not sure what part of the US you were. The vids you put out are great BTW. Thanks Pearse Columb


  1. Here's something that may help.

    If you can't find anyone nearby using that method, using vassal (combined with Skype) is an excellent way to get games in. You can usually have someone help you by posting in the Gamesquad forums. Hope this helps!

  2. I live in Albany NY and every April there us POINTCON gamers convention at West Point. PointConis a lot of miniatures gamers but also board games and ASL.