Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I also really hate losing an MA... I played PJ at Officefest last week and rolled a 12 for the first shot of 3 of my 4 tanks...

I like Steve's rules... I had my own version as well...

Joe's SSR for MA and MG:

You keep the same numbers but every attempt gives you a -1 (you can use a labor counter) expect if you roll a 6. If you roll a 6 you have to roll again. On the second roll a 1-3 removes all your labor counters and a 4-6 Breaks the gun for good.


Turn one you malf your MA.... on turn 2 your repair roll is a 2... SO, you get to add a labor counter. Then on turn 3 you need a 1-2 to repair. Remember if you roll a 6 the labor counters do not apply and you still either best case lose all your labor counters or worse case break the gun.

I think that this or Steve's rule added to Steve's "repair attempt anytime" SSR would make ASL a better game and wish Perry/MMP would consider making them official.

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