Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Hi,Thanks for the kind words...

I would recommend the following games:

Diplomacy (top ten games of all time. Only play this with 6 or 7 and only if you guys don't take things personal)
History of the World (I prefer the older AH version)
The combined new version of Axis and Allies (this is the one with the new Europe and Pacific versions pushed together)
Twilight Struggle
Cosmic Encounter w/ expansion

How deep/complicated do you want to get? Those are all pretty light. I can recommend some great more complex games:

Here I Stand
Sword of Rome

and there are dozens of ww2 games that can be divided into teams with each player taking X amount units.


On Mon, Dec 26, 2011 at 9:35 PM, Chris Rufener wrote:

Hi Joe! My name is Chris Rufener and I live in State College, Pennsylvania. I really enjoy watching your videos on the Dice Tower and have come to respect your opinions when it comes to wargaming. I have a gaming group that meets twice a month and we play a lot of euro games. I want to get into wargaming with the group, but need something that 4 to 6 players can play in 3 hours or less. The only game I have that fits these criteria is Memoir 44, which the guys like, but we would like something a little bit deeper. I was wondering if you could recommend a couple games for us, especially (but not limited to) WWII games?

Also, could you recommend a couple hybrids - that way we can continue to appeal to the strict euro gamers in the group?

And thanks again for your work with the Dice Tower!


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