Saturday, May 7, 2011


Hey Joe,

I have watched many of your videos on thedicetower's youtube channel. I am fairly new to war gaming (of the board game form). I love playing war games on my PC, such as Company of Heroes and Empire Total War. I am fascinated with WWII and love anything that has to do with it and that is what got me into Axis and Allies. I own A&A Revised (2004) and A&A Anniversary Edition. I grasped these games fairly easily and love to play them whenever my friends will play with me. I even find myself setting up the board and playing myself sometimes (it is set up on my table now).

My friends don't want to commit hours on end playing A&A so that is why I play by myself sometime. That being said I am going to pick up a copy of D-Day at Omaha Beach very soon. As I said I love WWII and the game appeals to me in many ways. In the past I have played the more global scale games like A&A but I want to get myself into some operational level gaming as well. (Possibly tactical, but operational seems to appeal to me the most).

I guess I am writing you this e-mail to ask a few questions... First off what other games would you recommend for someone fairly new to war gaming? Second, what games would you recommend I get that I could maybe draw in some of my friends with? In this case probably a game that is a little more on the simple side and maybe takes less than 3 hours to play. As well my fiancée says that the theme of war games does not excite her, but I would love to play a war game with her. What game could I get to convince her to play? I was thinking maybe Memoir '44, or maybe even a game that is not exactly a war game, but something we could both enjoy that i would not find too boring.

Thanks for your help, and for your videos. I look forward to hearing back from you


OK, for your fiancee pick up a copy of Twilight Struggle deluxe version. If she will enjoy it half as much as my wife your in for a treat.

For you, pick up ASLSK to see if ASL might interest you, it is cheap and worth the investment. For getting you buddies into war-board-gaming I'd recommend Conflict of Heroes or Washington's War (not WW2 but a fun two player card driven game). I really don't like M44, I did when it first came out but it has since lost its luster.

Good luck,


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