Wednesday, April 6, 2011

DVG News

We’ve posted an updated set of the rules!

We’re going through a final playtest of all the campaigns now. As soon as we’re finished, we’ll send the files to the printer!

We just finished playtesting an exciting 1805 Campaign. Here’s a brief summary. I don’t normally post these, but the campaign played out so perfectly, I need to share… Napoleon had led his forces successfully eastward against the armies of the 3rd Coalition until he was at the gates of Vienna. Throughout the campaign, the enemy had built-up the city’s garrisons and fortifications, so instead of an easy envelopment, it turned into an actual battle, and reduced several of our brave French formations. This prevented us from force marching our troops into Austerlitz and a chance for a Superior Victory. Instead of force marching, we instead used some of our supplies to heal our troops before the final push. The following turn, we moved everyone in reach into Austerlitz for a huge battle. As one of our battle plans, we bought a Sweep which allows some of our cavalry units to deliver a massive attack to the enemy rear. We came into the battle with fewer troops than we would have li!
ked, and staring at us across the Battlefield sheet was a massive hoard of seasoned Russian formations. We started the first turn, and the Russians advanced. With each turn of battle, our formations maneuvered and smashed together, and in each turn, while we inflicted some damage, we were taking the worst of it. Our only hope was the arrival of our sweeping cavalry forces, but with every roll, they failed to appear. It came down to the last turn. It was easy to see that the Russians would inflict enough damage to our formations to cause a French rout unless the cavalry not only showed-up, but also inflicted massive damage with their charge. If our forces routed, the entire campaign would end in failure. On the final turn, the final turn I tell you, with the last of our formations crumbling, our cavalry finally arrived and smashed into the rearmost Russian divisions! Attack after attack drove deep into their troops, shattering their formations, and in no time, it was the Rus!
sians who routed and turned fleeing from the battlefield! Austerlitz w
as ours, and our Historical Victory was secured!

Please look through the rules and let us know about anything that is hard to understand. There is still time to make adjustments to wording and examples.

We are also into the final pre-order push time. If you would like to pre-order, please do so now. This is the last chance to receive the limited edition mounted Battlefield Map boards. These are only available to people who pre-order. We will include this special edition board in addition to the Battlefield Map that comes in the game.

We almost have all the preorders we need for the printer. Please pre-order now!

We’re sending MNB to the printer with Napoleon. Please pre-order now!

We’re sending the MNB Expansion to the printer with Napoleon. Please pre-order now!


Once these three games are at the printer, we’ll be working all out on U-Boat Leader and Frontline Guadalcanal.

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