Wednesday, March 30, 2011

From: atsgamer ---------------------------------------------- Thanks for your videos. You have really encouraged my deepening love of wargaming. Is there a place where there is a definitive list of all your videos? Also, I am a former preacher too! finally, two questions 1. Do you still like Frontline Dday and will you buy the next in the series? 2. I play CC:e, tell me why I should play ASL? How much of a jump is it? Does it solo well? I solo Cc. Does it have more narrative feel? Convince me! Thanks again for all you do!

All my videos are on YOUTUBE.... just do a search for my last name....

1. I do enjoy Frontline Dday but it needs a little tweaking, the vehicles are silly and the sniper is way to powerful... I hope they fix those things for the next game, I will be getting the next game.

2. ASL is deeper... and not "as" luck dependent. EX: if you run through the open in front of a few squads of Germans in ASL then odds are your gonna die... in CC you may just walk on by, if the other guy is lacking a fire card. I just enjoy having all my options open as in ASL, I get way to frustrated in CC...

Then again, CC is a simpler game, my wife will play CC but not ASL.

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  1. Thanks for the info. I have ASLSK 1 and 2 and I understand that these could be enough to play by themselves. I see other expansions coming out for them. It seems like ASLSK is like DnD Essentials, a simpler version of the system fully playable by itself. I really liked your ASLSK videos and without them I would not be willing to try it. I also plan on trying BoH - a kinder gentler version of ASL? Thanks again. Oh, great to hear you on the DiceTower. They really need a war-game segment now and then. New war-games are clearly showing Euro influences and have a much broader appeal.