Saturday, February 19, 2011


THANKS for the primers on ASL. I've been eye-balling this game for some time. I play miniatures games mostly, some card games, some board games, some RPGs. I have a couple of gaming friends who have talked about hex & counter war games, but I've always been scared off by the complexity. After seeing your Primer I went in search of starter box 1 and found it locally.

I've also recently started listening to The Dice Tower and just realized that you are the Joe they are talking about. Secret Santa in a Memoir box?

Finally your youtube handle. Cop? Where? I'm a cop in California (SF Bay Area) for the last 25 years.

Sorry for the ramble. Thanks again.
Adan Tejada


I am taking a break from police work and have become a stay-home dad. I enjoy it and it allows more time with the family.


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  1. Not to mention more time to play boardgames... (in between weaning 5 kids...)