Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Hi Joe
My name is John David Folkard, I am retired and living way up north in Ontario Canada.I am ex military, having searved with the PPCLI.
Anyway I have been enjoying your video spots on games, I fell upon them by accident while looking into reviews on the Lock N load series and Conflict of heroes. To show my age I was a fan of Squad leader and still have all the origional games for that series. I have purchased a copy of asl rules but as of yet have not dove into the games.
When the squad leader series first came out ,it was the rage at College and in the army.However the constant rule changes throughout the series was a deterant for many. I intend to get back into the games with asl in the future ,having watched your videos on the starter packs. However that will be after I resolve the issue that I now face.
My playing partner is my Wife Bernice (Berni) for short. I want her to start playing wargames with me ,because I have no-one up here to play with at all.I watched your videoes as well as others on both the lock N load series and Conflict of heroes.My main question is , wich series of games would be the best to start with, and wich offers the most future as in regards to expansions.As well of the two , wich game has solo playing possabilities.
As a side question , I thought that ASAL had a solo game at one point.
Anyway I truly enjoy your reviews, I wish you and your Wife well and hope to watch more of your work.
Your Friend
John David Folkard


Thanks for the email...

Each of those are great games... I am partial to ASL (and yes ASL has a solo module that you can pick up pretty cheap SASL) but I will admit I can't get my wife to play ASL. She will play CoH. She likes it and the quality of the bits are equal to the euro-style games she enjoys.

ASL has a huge devoted following and is putting out new stuff all the time. CoH is the new kid on the block but has out 3 things already. I don't really play to much LnL to be honest.

I'd say ASL for you and CoH for the both of you... have you watched out Twilight Struggle review? We (she) really enjoy that as well.

Hope that helps.


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  1. Joe, I live in Dallas, TX and I specialize in tutoring MMP's Starter Kit series. Hopefully, John Falkard will see this message. I use VASL and Skype as most online players do. John, drop me an email at if you are interested. - Pat