Sunday, September 12, 2010



Just wanted to drop you a note and say THANK YOU ! I've used your videos to have some visual reference for learning ASLSK #1. I'm in rural West Tennessee and don't have a hobbyshop close, plus my only human opponent is an hour away, VASL is good, but human opponents are more fun! I have also now bought SK #2 and #3 and have started bouncing around the GameSquad forums and AlanP has graciously sent me his 1st Ed. RB. I have met many great people and your videos got my hooked. Thanks for starting my new addiction ! And if you ever had an inkling to do a Primer for Guns and AFVs I'd probably be compelled to monetarily support you ! Thats not a bribe, i'd never try to bribe a police officer, but.... well.... you name it. haha

Again, Thanks for your help supporting ASL and introducing new players.

Thank you, and if the wife agrees I may get to go to ASLOK, so that bribe again....haha

Lee Thornton



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