Saturday, July 31, 2010


I've been finding myself sending potential wargamers to your YouTube vids "for instruction" alot:whistle: Never hurts to have new converts.

They generally ask me if I know you personally, to which I say no, [i]but[/i] that "wargamers know other wargamers like dogs know other dogs-not a whole lot of formality involved-we speak the same lingo-just one big pack"

Do you mind if I stick you on my GeekBuddy list?

I was raised around Late Bronze Age where we were taught to [i]ask permission first[/i] before we did something. If you're a Cop I suspect it was the same way at your house.

And yes, I live in a rural area- and yes, my family really does talk like they did in the movie Fargo. I just thought I'd get that out of the way, too.



Sure by all means. Thanks,


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