Friday, June 18, 2010

Q and A

Hi Joe,

I've been listening to some of the dice tower podcasts recently and was wondering if you've ever played Fields of Fire.  I've been reading through the rule book/scenario book, but am having difficulty translating the rules into actual game play.  If you've played it, do you have any tips for learning how to play this game?


Jordan Schulert

The layout is unintuitive, but the play-aids help. It takes patience and tenacity in learning the game. Print out the reorganized rules that someone did on boardgamegeek, and re-play the first few missions a bunch of times. The errata is long but handles clarifications mostly.

Try this:

Once you break through the barrier though, it's gold. Fantastic, the best squad level solo game out there. Every session tells an exiting story and you really feel like you are commanding a group of men in combat. I love Ambush! But this replaced it for my solo play tactical game.

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