Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A new reader question:

This will sound silly but I found your wargaming intros on youtube by accident really. I'm curious as to whether you have an opinion on a couple of questions as I look to get into wargames...]

1. I will be playing these games solitaire. I'm a sports tabletop gamer so I'm used to managing/coaching two teams in the same game so I can do something similar in a war game?

Yes! there are many great wargames designed to be played solo and there are many more that are not specifically designed that way but lend themselves into great solo games with one player playing both sides. A lot will list the "solo" ability right on the box.

2. If so, should I choose a game based on my favorite era (American Revolution) despite there not being any strictly solitaire games or go with a strictly solitaire game that might be from an era I care about less (WWII) or not care about at all?

Depends, there are some good Revolutionary games out there but it is an under-covered war in gaming. GMT has the American Revolution Series by Mark Miklos that is really great if you want a traditional style game. The solo playability is pretty high with each side having different missions.

3. Do you have any recommendations for American Revolution games and/or solitaire games for an entry level wargamer? I have some games I've been looking at and perhaps you have opinions on any or all of them:

Sure, AR try Washington's War, it is one of my favorite overall games but it is not very good solo being card driven. There are many who (myself included) play it online. For a good solo game AR try
Saratoga or the old 1776.

D-Day Omaha Beach Wonderful game, look for my review on youtube.
Men of Iron
Field Commander Rommel (Alexander time period wouldn't interest me as much)

Hold the Line
Washington's War (worried this can't be played solitaire very well if at all)
Flying Colors/Serpents of the Seas

World at War Series

I appreciate any input you can give.


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