Friday, February 5, 2010


  1. Normally, I don't bother responding to people like Joe, but he has taken his utter ineptitude and blamed my product for it.
    If Joe had contacted me, I would have given him his money back. So what's the problem? He couldn't figure it out?--get a refund. But let's deal with his issues anyhow.

    The wooden block is totally optional and provided as a convenience. Didn't read the instructions, Joe. Tiny? It's 1-1/2" square. Most counters are 1/2" to 5/8" square. If you can handle counters, you can handle the C4 easily. As he himself demonstrates, Joe isn't coordinated enough to handle more than a single action at once. And he somehow gets three or four different pressure points from a tool that only requires two (just like a screwdriver).

    He holds the hobby knife all wrong. This is not a guy you want anywhere near a precision operation. He takes a razor sharp hobby knife and holds it like it's a Bowie knife. Unbelievable. Obviously, he didn't look at the pictures on the instruction sheet. Can't read, can't figure out pictures. It only takes one push down, not several. Joe--read the instructions. Can't keep the stack straight? Joe, read the instructions. Barely takes the corner off? Take a look at that first counter he holds up--that's the average cut that most people want (Joe apparently likes the "Stop Sign" look). The instructions show how to reduce the cut, but Joe didn't cut straight down anyhow, so you can't really tell what kind of cut he got. Also, it's not designed to cut one or two or three at at a time. And after all that, he tries to demonstrate that nail clippers are faster and more accurate.

    I invented this thing because I got tired of using nail clippers after 40 years and knew there had to be a better way. The C4 Corner Cutter is a better way. Guaranteed.

    I have cut thousands upon thousands of counters with nail clippers and they are neither faster nor more consistent than the C4 Corner Cutter. I am going to be at PrezCon in February and at the WBC in August. I would love to face off with Joe and his nail clippers.I think the image at about 5:24 of the video says it all. I do like the phrase "handy dandy" though. When I was 4 I got a "Handy Dandy Tool Kit" for Xmas. Always liked that thing.

    Okay, back to Joe's ineptitude. I state right up front that you should use some blank counters to get the hang of it. It's a new tool. I make note on the instruction sheet that not all counters are square and you must trim these the old fashioned way. I get about 500-600 counters done before I begin thinking about changing the blade. On sale, blades at Hobby Lobby cost about 25 cents--is this a problem?

    As far as sponsorship, I sent the product blind to the Two Half-Squads for a review; I had no idea whether they would like it or not. As it turns out, they did. I offered to send them some freebie product to hand out to guests on the program. They accepted. They do their show out of a basement--do you really think I or anyone else is paying them hundreds of dollars for an endorsement? Nope. Should've asked them Joe, before you impugned their integrity or mine. You at least owe them an apology.

    Cost issue? What's your time worth? You can easily knock out the average game in under an hour and a monster game in a single evening. You decide what that's worth to you. Hundreds of buyers think it was a good deal.

    Go to the website at and download a copy of the instructions. And then if you buy one and don't like it, let me know--I'll give you your money back. Several well-known designers in the wargame hobby have given the C4 Corner Cutter their enthusiastic endorsement.

    Posting a video is cool, but it really only shows that Joe is uncoordinated, doesn't read well, and can't even understand pictures. For your type Joe, I offer money back. But not after you make a public spectacle of yourself and use my product to do it.

  2. Joe, thanks for the review.

    Wow, you seem to have stirred up some trouble. I think this illustrates a good point. There is never only one way to do a job.

    As for the fraying counters, this is completely consistent, for an engineering point view, with the cutting method the C4 Counter Cutter adopts. Clippers, on the other hand, bite on either side of the counter and squeeze as they cut, creating a clean cut that also closes the edge a little, further ensuring against fraying. The clipper method should not fray. Whereas, pushing down with a knife (no matter how accurate you use it) will push the counters in one direction as it cuts and fraying is a definite possibility in this scenario. I’m not saying it will happen all the time and practice will remove this considerable, but it is a fact as an engineering principle that this method lends itself to fraying.

    I personally use nail cutters with a little jig I made so every counter is exactly the same, that is, to the depth I like, which seems to be more than the C4 counter cutter does. It is ineptitude on your part Dave to assume that everyone likes counters cut the way you like them, and not just the depth of the corner, but also the method. Some people actually like cutting counters, by hand, using clippers. It’s a skill we learn and enjoy. Creating “another gadget” to remove the need to learn a skill is a further symptom of our already sick society in which no one seems to learn anything anymore. You just buy a gadget to do it for you. I wouldn’t go cruising Joe for his taste, otherwise; ironically, you might get criticized yourself.

    Also, I would like to point out that sending the 2- half squads a bunch of free c4 counter cutters to give away as prizes on their show “is” sponsoring their show. Just because you don’t think it is does mean your not.

    Thanks again Joe for your honesty.