Friday, November 20, 2009

Movie Scenes

Been reading over in Mark P. blog where they are talking about war movies... then I thought some war movies are bad but do have some good scenes.... here are some of my first thoughts, not all bad movies but there are some... do you have any?

Kelly's Heroes... the rail yard scene with the 3 real Shermans is hard to beat.

Where Eagle's Dare....the truck retreat verses the motorcycles was cool and having all those poles rigged to explode.

Cross of Iron... Wow, the big Russian attack with the real T-34 and the retreat into the factory.

Saving Private Ryan... lots of great stuff... the landing of course and the last Alamo battle but I liked the authentic looking kill of the half track in the field as well.

Downfall... Hitler's big yelling blow-out conference was griping

Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers -- Helm's Deep... The dull, impending stomp of Saruman's army; the ceaseless onslaught of the Uruk Hai; 300 men facing a host of Orcs 10,000-strong (Still think the worse scene of all LoR movies was Legolas skateboarding down the ramparts, though.)

Gladiator -- Battle in Germania... wow, pretty cool, I would not want to face the big hairy German.

Pearl Harbor -- Attack on Pearl Harbor... it was intense, the rest of the movie was crap but wow to the tragic battle.

Stalingrad.... the AT gun and the antitank magnetic mine defense against the T-34 attack out in the snow as great.

The Empire Strikes Back ... The Battle of Hoth, Luke verses the AT Walker! Sweet!

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