Friday, September 4, 2009

Question and Answer

First off, let me say hi. Second, I really enjoy your video reviews. Great stuff. Forgive me but I do love the way you slap your components around as if you're testing their fortitude!

I'm actually mailing you because I'm about to try my very first wargame -- Ambush! I'm new to this board gaming malarkey and especially wargames. See here for the boring details:

I was thinking about writing up my first successful run through as a session here on the Geek. I had in mind something similar to your own excellent example -- as pointed out to me by GROGnads -- but perhaps with a lighter tone, befitting someone with less experience.

I just wondered if you had any tips on how to approach Ambush! as a newcomer and also writing a session report?

Thanks for your time.



Well, make it personal... I have much more fun if I name each member of the squad. Don't cheat... sounds simple but it is VERY tempting to cheat when a German sniper rolls a crazy lucky hit and kills off your best character... you will be tempted to roll again... don't cheat yourself. No advice on writing the session report, just have fun.


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